"On the surface, The Wonder Beers take the piss. But below the surface lies a seriously professional attitude and sense of musicality that sets them apart from the crowd.

Songs like Down The Shot, Thursday Is The New Friday, and Skint Again pass by and brand themselves into the brain so efficiently that you’d have to spend years in therapy in order to get them out again. But when those songs are so damn awesome, why would you want to?"

- Leon @ The Musical Melting Pot


"The Wonder Beers have me spiralling round the room in broken furniture of joy... Clear the room of static armaments which will shatter your shins and turn up the volume. You will be pogoing in seconds..."

- Tim Whale @ Emerging Indie Bands


"I have seen these guys a number of times now and they never fail to make me happy... Their stuff is catchy, so catchy that you find yourself singing along before you even realise it. (If the ad men get hold of them they'll be able to sell anything they like!)"

- Neil Duncan @ Basingstoke Gazette


"The Wonder Beers are one of the buzz bands of the moment... Raucous yet catchy, you have a listen and the words keep going round your head! Ones to watch for 2015."

Chris Goodman @ Polite Riot

© 2015 by The Wonder Beers

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